Established in 2019, Klar-Eye India Private Limited specializes in various types of reading glasses. Although the company was started in 2019, we have been manufacturing and importing optical frames and sunglasses since 1980s. Started by two female entrepreneurs, the company’s vision is to bring affordable top-notch quality reading glasses to its customers through pharmacies in India.

COVID-19 has changed the way traditional businesses were carried out and has forced people to change their business strategies. According to a report by the Fortune Business Insights, the global eyewear market size is expected to reach USD 178.95 billion by 2026.

Owing to increasing cases of deteriorating eye health due to the digital overload that has taken a toll on the eyes of people across the globe. Just about anyone in their 40s and beyond will, at some point, need reading glasses. And since more than 50 % of India’s population is above the age of 25 years, the demand for reading glasses is expected to rise in the future.

Instead of dealing in luxury glasses, our aim is to sell reading glasses in pharmacies as it is a necessity and its demand should be relatively unaffected by the presence of any current or future pandemics. We welcome and encourage you to do business with us.